Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pre-order Pegasus God Cloth Original Color

Item: Saint Cloth Myth Pegasus Seiya God Cloth Original Color Edition
Height: 17cm
Series: Saint Seiya
Maker: Bandai
Retail price: 7,350 yen
Order period: 25 November 2008 onwards
Release date: March 2009
Info: Tamashii Web Store exclusive.

I'm currently accepting pre-orders for this exclusive item at the following prices:

15,000 yen including EMS shipping for one item.

14,000 yen including SAL shipping for one item.

Same price for all interested buyers from anywhere around the world except for South America and Africa. Those from South America and Africa will have to add 1,000 yen extra to shipping for either one of the shipping methods. Above prices are for one item only. Please ask for price quote if you want to purchase more than one. I accept payment via PayPal only.

Contact me at if you wish to place your pre-order with me.

Thanks!! ^^


Hologramme said...

The photography has been changed on the website. Now, is head is different (eyes and hair are now Kurumada's style).

Tokyo Hunter said...

Photo is now updated. Thanks a lot for the info!! Cheers! ^^

Sergio said...

Are you still taking pre-orders for this Myth Cloth or is it too late? and if you still are, do you ship to the U.S? Thanks....

Tokyo Hunter said...

Yes, I'm still taking preorders for the item and have limited quantities left. The prices quoted above are for international shipping and I do ship to the US. Please contact me at for details. Thanks! ^^

Afreis2805 said...

Hi there;

Did you receive last my message ? I´d like to know if that Seiya God Original Color Edition still available.

Thanks for while;


Tokyo Hunter said...

I've just responded to your email. Thanks!

Tony said...

Today is 16 Mar, Can I still make a order for this time saint seiya Golden cloths?

Thank you for your advice at first

Tokyo Hunter said...

Hi Tony,
Yes, I'm still accepting preorders but stocks are running low! Please contact me via email ASAP!

Julien said...

Hi Tokyohunter,

Did you received my mail, is it still possible to preorder?

Thank you.

Tokyo Hunter said...

Hi Julien,
I just responded to your email. Thanks!

antoni said...

hello tokyo hunter!
I'm Antoni from Barcelone!As i told you on the email I've just send you,i post on your blog too. if it still posible, i want one ;)

antoni said...

hello tokyohunter!
did you received my email? i that all ok? preorder done?


Tokyo Hunter said...

Hi Antoni,
I just replied to your email. Thanks!