Sunday, February 04, 2007

Medicom Toy's Project 1/6 Shibuya retail store

I was in Shibuya yesterday and decided to drop by Medicom Toy's Project 1/6 store (click here for a map guide to the store). It's a very small store with nothing much interesting on display, just some old stuff mixed with recently released items like the FullMetal Alchemist figures and past exclusives. Thankfully, they allow photography in their store so I took the chance to take pictures of almost everything on display and the stuff on sale.

Click here for the picture gallery of Medicom Toy's Project 1/6 Shibuya store.

Next stop, Square Enix Character Goods Shop in Shinjuku! I'll be checking out their store in the near future and provide coverage of their shop if they allow photography.

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