Friday, February 09, 2007

Client testimonial #28

Testimonial from client #46:

I saw Joseph on and read about his services there. At first it didn't strike me as having him would be useful. It wasn't until much later that it occured to me that I should give him a try. It was about 3 months ago that I asked him to look for a Tomy Future Mickey 1st version all metal gold Mickey by Sorayama to complete my collection. He set right to it even though I had doubts. So I waited and waited until another item came up that I wanted that was exclusive to the Japanese market, it was a repaint of Fewture's statue of Predator. So I sent him the money as specified and waited, and waited. And then about a week ago he gave me the fantastic news that he found my Mickey and that the Predator had arrived. So money was sent for the Mickey. I was somewhat nervous because I had never sent so much money to a person before based on his words alone. Today, I can say that my trust in Joseph have been well rewarded with having in my hand the things mentioned above. I think that his immediate responses to my concerns and timely updates on the status of my items are what kept my faith in him. I even saved about 400.00 USD on the gold mickey compare to Ebay prices when it was listed. Now, I have another expensive item that I would like Joseph to help me with and I have no doubt that he will come through for me again. Keep it up Joseph.

Items purchased: Fewture Models Predator statue by Takayuki Takeya repaint ver. Fewture Direct exclusive & Tomy DHYP Future Mickey designed by Hajime Sorayama first version in gold color.

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