Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dimension Diver WF2010 Summer exclusives

Dimension Diver will be offering the following six color resin kits at Wonder Festival 2010 Summer on 25 July 2010. The "new" kit this time around will be Samus with Gravity Suit. As of this post, Dimension Diver has yet to show official photos of how the kit will look like, but it will be a repaint of his previous Samus color resin kit in Gravity Suit color scheme. It will also come with a bonus kit of Baby Metroid. 

Item: Samus Gravity Suit color resin kit
Retail price: 12,000 yen

Retail Price: 11,000 yen
Info: Final sale. Won't be reissued again.

Retail Price: 10,000 yen

Retail Price: 12,000 yen
Retail Price: 12,000 yen

Retail Price: 12,000 yen 

I am currently accepting preorders for the above color resin kits until 23 July 2010. I can 100% guarantee that I will be able to get the kits at the event for the first five interested buyers for each kit that email me before 23 July 2010 and confirmed a preorder. No guarantees for the rest but I will try to get additional pieces to fill all orders.

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