Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gift Super Soniko-chan ver.2 plush

Item: Super Soniko-chan ver.2 plush
Height: 20cm
Maker: Gift
Retail price: 2,500 yen
Release date: 25 July 2010 (WF2010 Summer) & August 2010 (regular release)
Info: Advance sale at Wonder Festival 2010 Summer.

Interested buyers can contact me before 23 July 2010 for a price quote and place your pre-order through me. New buyers please state which country you're from when sending your first e-mail.


Chaofun said...

I've send you a pre-order and a price-quote for it but I have yet to receive a reply.

Can you reply me back?


Anonymous said...

Mail was sent around the 17th from a hotmail account.

Tokyo Hunter said...

Sorry for the delay. Just got internet connection up at the new place.