Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Funny Bunny FLCL Canti color resin kit for sale

Up for grabs are two final pieces of Funny Bunny's 1/12 Canti green ver. color resin kit, each paired with an option parts color resin kit. Details below! 

Painted sample of green Canti with halo and wings from the option parts set.


Some minor panel linings done on this sample display. The color resin kit should look close to this upon completion without painting. Two sets of Hobby Base ball joints are required (sold separately).

Treasure Festa in Ariake 3 was the final event where this Canti green ver. color resin kit was produced for sale. Sculptor circle Funny Bunny will not produce the green ver. for sale again due to licensing restrictions from Gainax.

A sheet of paper cutout of Canti's cardboard box is included. I only have one sheet even though I got two sets because Funny Bunny ran out of the sheets. The first buyer will get the sheet while the second buyer will have to make one himself/herself. Gomen! ^^;

Parts breakdown of the Canti green ver. color resin kit. The parts come molded in color as shown here.

Painted samples of the option parts set. figma stand not included.

Parts breakdown of the option parts color ver. set. The parts come molded in black and clear resin as shown here.

New to the option parts set is the bonus addition of Takkun!

Painted sample of Atomsk Canti with option parts.

It is possible to build the green ver. with option parts and paint it according to Atomsk Canti's color scheme.

For those who can't paint, Funny Bunny plans to offer the Atomsk Canti as a color resin kit at Wonder Festival 2010 Summer event (25 July 2010) pending approval from Gainax. Interested buyers for the Atomsk Canti color resin kit can contact me from the first week of July 2010 onwards before the event to preorder the kit and option parts set. Do not email me now requesting for the kit. Please wait until July before the event.

I currently have two final pieces of the Canti green ver. color resin kit with option parts set for sale. Remember, Funny Bunny will not produce the green ver. for sale again! Those interested please contact me immediately for details!

Update #1: First set sold! I now have one last set left for sale. I don't have the original cardboard box cutout sheet anymore but I can provide a scan of it so you can print it out and make one yourself.

Update #2: Final set sold! Both sets sold under 24 hours since this post! Thank you very much! For those of you who are still interested in the set, I'll help you search for them at the hobby shops in Tokyo but chances of finding the set is very slim to none. Haven't seen them available at any shops since the kits were first produced several years back.

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