Friday, April 23, 2010

Volks Art Display 1/4 KOS-MOS Ver.4 statue

Update of original post.

Item: Art Display 1/4 KOS-MOS Ver.4 completed polystone statue
Height: 55cm
Series: Xenosaga III
Maker: Volks
Retail price: 60,900 yen
Order period: 8-16 May 2010
Release date: Summer 2010
Info: Item will be up for pre-order through Volks at their Hobby Round SR (Show Room) event from 8-16 May 2010.

Interested buyers can contact me before 18 May 2010 for a price quote and place your pre-order through me. New buyers please state which country you're from when sending your first e-mail.


Anonymous said...

hey Joseph,

was just wondering, is it already confirmed that this will be polystone and not coldcast?


Tokyo Hunter said...

Should be polystone like their previous completed statue releases.

Catsz said...


This figure is just beautiful.

I find someone mention it is coldcast across the net in here:, the reader's comments in the lower part.
So coldcast? Polystone?

And I would ask the 55cm height is include the blade or not? Seems like it needs a really large place to display.


P.S. I'm from Hong Kong.

Tokyo Hunter said...

Polystone. 55cm to tip of blade. Email me for details.