Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Super Festival 49

Another quarter of the year had passed and it's time again for another Super Festival event at the Science Museum in Tokyo. The 49th Super Festival was held on 26 April. Info about the event and coverage of the 48th Super Festival can be found here. Poster illustration was drawn by Yasushi Nirasawa-sensei. Met him at the event as always and he promised to meet me at the upcoming Hobby Complex to be held on 6 May and sign my black Man Chrysalis. Can't wait! ^^

Dropped by Aoshima's booth to see what's coming next. Pictured below are 1/12-scale model kits of two versions of the T-800 Endoskeleton from Terminator 2.

Aoshima's 1/6-scale T-800 Endoskeleton black version die-cast action figure. Silver version is in the works. I'm personally looking forward to the silver one!

Aoshima's Tread coming in July. To be sold without Legioss.

1/48-scale model kit of Gernsback M9 from Full Metal Panic! finally unveiled. I never built any of Aoshima's kits before but had seen the plastic parts and they look like they're made of real cheap plastic material compared to Bandai's stuff.

Fewture unveiled the first two entries in their new ES (Excellent Short) Gohkin series: Koutetsu Jeeg and Goshogun!

Retails for 7,800 yen each and coming in September. They look absolutely fantastic! I always wanted die-cast figures of classic super robots in SD form like they appeared in the Super Robot Wars games! The second wave coming in October consists of Getter 1, 2 and 3, and third wave coming in December will be Godam (odd choice) and Baikanfu! In the works are all four of the Dancougar bots that will be transformable between three of their modes and also form Dancougar! Looks to be a very promising toy line!

Transformable figures of "uniquely" designed robots from Chogattai Majutsu Robo Gingaizer. Produced by Reigning Looney and distributed by Art Storm. Fewture Direct exclusive. More info and pics on official site.

Fewture's next EX Gohkin Roboshi Works entry will be Shin Getter 1!! This was announced in hobby mags last month but I'm still excited about it as a Getter fan and I can't wait to see the prototype to be unveiled at the upcoming Wonder Festival in July!

Also another EX Gohkin Roboshi Works entry currently in the planning stage are the Blocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster bots. News was previously announced in last year's Wonder Festival. I guess we should be able to see some prototypes at this year's summer Wonder Fest.

EX Gohkin Gatchaman Mecha Collection A Set: G-1, G2, and Red Impulse. Retails for 24,800 yen and due out in December. More pics here.

EX Gohkin Gatchaman Mecha Collection B Set: God Phoenix, G-3, and G-4. Retails for 24,800 yen and due out in December. More pics here.

Hordes of bargain hunters.

Reigning Looney's table.

This is what I had for brunch. ^^

Onell Design had a table at the event selling highly customizable Glyos System Series figures.

Some of Matt's brilliant custom works.

These two customs of Samus's Power Suit from Metroid really caught my attention. I just love how customizable these figures are with interchangeable parts to create your very own figures or famous anime or video game characters.

Another awesome custom figure. Love the paint job on this one!

Only 1,500 yen each for the latest figma releases! Great deal!

More toys at dirt cheap prices. You can probably still be able to haggle down the price a bit more if you buy multiples.

I didn't take much pics of the designer soft vinyl stuff this time because there weren't much there that caught my attention except for a few including these, which are Hobby Japan mail order exclusives if I remember correctly.

The 48th Super Festival had an Ultra Q exhibit and interviews with the cast of the show. This time the spotlight was on Ultraseven with some classic toys, memorabilia, scripts, and costumes. There was a talk event too but I didn't stay long enough at the show to attend the event.

My haul from Super Festival. Didn't get much this time. The only thing I bought was the CRM Toys 12" action doll of Rick Deckard from Blade Runner. I will post a review of the figure up sometime next week and will auction one off on eBay soon after. The Glyos series Buildman Ranic and Crayboth figures were given to me by Matt (super friendly guy!) of Onell Design. Thank you very much, Matt!

Got two Crayboth figures from Matt that he was giving away at his table. Looks very reminiscent of the Inbits from Mospeada, and he made one that's close to Inbit colors, too!

These lil' guys glow in the dark, too! Awesome stuff!

I was also given two Buildman Ranic figures that were sold at the event first and will then be made available for order through the Onell Design store soon.

Tried to build Samus's Power Suit from Metroid based on the custom piece that was on display but I don't have enough parts to complete it. These are the best I could build with the parts I have. Will need to find time to paint them, but first I gotta get more parts!

Check out more pics in my flickr gallery linked below:

Super Festival 49 flickr gallery


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Great information and pics on the toy festival.

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