Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Clayz 1/8 Ink Nijihara Queen's Gate 2P color PVC

Item: 1/8 Magical Girl Ink Nijihara Queen's Gate 2P color ver. PVC
Height: 19cm
Series: Queen's Gate
Maker: Clayz
Retail price: 5,980 yen
Order period: 27 March - 5 April 2009
Release date: August 2009
Info: Hobby Japan online shop exclusive.


Singer Yuna said...

Whao TokyoHunter, this one is awesome!
Im telling one friend that might be interested and wait to 27th march.

Also Im waiting anxiously the exclusive 09 wonderfes wiii!!
Im nendonendofan, the user who bought from you at ebay ^^
I also have added your blog in my blogroll

Tokyo Hunter said...

Singer Yuna,
Hey there! Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll! Your blog is on my list of comrades now. Cheers! ^^

xChewy said...

It's too late to preorder it. ;-;