Friday, August 22, 2008

Volks M.O.E. 1/7 Kaguya Nanbu PVC

Item: M.O.E. Collection Plus 1/7 Kaguya Nanbu PVC
Height: 28cm
Series: Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga
Maker: Volks
Retail price: 7,875 yen
Order period: 25 August 2008 onwards
Release date: February 2009
Info: Volks retail store & online shop exclusive.


Anonymous said...

argh, how am i gonna get a hold of her? ;_;

Tokyo Hunter said...

Contact me to place your preorder. Yoroshiku! ^^

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know where to get this too, contact me at

Tokyo Hunter said...

I took preorders for the item last year and now all stocks are reserved. I might be able to get more after it is released but price will be much higher because I'm getting the figure from hobby shops that already mark up the price above retail.

Si said...

ah.. finding this site is like heaven, it is SO hard to find these figures overseas, is there any chance I get get my hands on this figure?


Tokyo Hunter said...

Yes, I can help you find the figure. Please email me for details. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

is this figure still available? if so can you contact me at

D said...

please contact me. id love to have this.