Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gundam @ C3xHobby Chara Hobby 2008

Here's a look at some of the Gundams and mechas at C3xHobby Chara Hobby 2008.

Love the glossy finish on this Qubeley kit. Mono-eye lights up!

RC Berg's impressive 1/144 RGZ-91 B Re-GZ Gundam resin kit. One of their many new releases for sale at the show. More info on the kit and other releases here.

1/60 Gundam Exia Trans-Am mode - more info. First one of Bandai's event-limited kit to sell out on the first day before noon.

1/100 MG G3 Gundam ONE YEAR WAR ver. - more info.

DX Versal Knight Gundam full color mekki ver. - more info. I was so close to getting one for myself. Waited in line for nearly 45 minutes and was sold out by around noon time on the first day. :-(

1/60 PG Zaku anime color ver. with weapon set - more info.

'lil Zaku II's first tricycle.

Basket O' Doms!

Custom Strike Noir Gundam by Seira Masuo as featured in Hobby Japan.

Samurai duo Shin Musha Gundam & Musha Gundam Mk-II

I want a kit of this!

One of many impressive custom dioramas on display at Hobby Japan's booth.

0 Gundam from Gundam 00. Oooo~!

Gundam Rasiel from Gundam 00P.

Now let's move on to other mechas. Here's a "live-action movie version" of Ingram from Patlabor. Was there ever a live-action movie made for the series?

Guren Nishiki gets a shiny new coating! More info.

Volks Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann resin kit - painted and unpainted version on display. The unpainted resin kit will be made avaialble through Volks retail stores throughout Japan from 1 September 2008 onwards.

Chara Hobby was the last chance fans get to pre-order the 1/144 PVC action figure. More info. One of the most highly-detailed upcoming action figure release of the mecha that I've seen thus far! Ordered one for my own collection and an extra piece for auction when it is released sometime in Fall 2008.

Super-bloody battle.

IMO, the mechas of Muv-Luv look nearly identical to one another but this definitely stands out!

So does this bright yellow mecha!

Check out more photos in the gallery linked below:

C3xHobby Chara Hobby 2008 gallery


CottonCandy said...

OMG!! Tsukasa nendoroid! my favourite lucky star character.. wish i could get her.. T_____T

Tokyo Hunter said...

I'm gonna place orders for the Comptiq version when the latest issue comes out with the order form. Contact me if you want one and I'll order one for you.

Knife-Edge said...

RE.:Patlabor Live Action Movie.
Mamoru Oshii only made pre-production arrangements and promotional teasers for the movie. Really wished for a live action movie with Atsushi Takeushi re-designed Labors. There are more concept and Production design pictures in the Production "Methods"

Tokyo Hunter said...

Wow! Thanks for the info! The link you provided doesn't seem to be working for me though but I did a search for it on YouTube and found the trailer. Damn, that would've been an amazing movie if they had gone through with it.

Knife-edge said...

Ah!!! Sorry I checked again about the book. My fault, it's in Mamoru Oshii's "Mecha-Philia"

CottonCandy said...

woops.. juz noticed tat.. i've post the comment on the wrong post.. lolz.. = =
Hmm.. i'll see how they gonna release it 1st.. cuz i oni wan tsukasa without miyuki.. XD
and also.. i nid to know the price.. whether i can afford anot.. =X
if u have any update news about them.. be sure to post them here.. i'll check everyday~ ^____^

Tokyo Hunter said...

They should be out individually as Comptiq mail orders like the first set. Should probably be the same retail price as well. More info coming in this month's Comptiq. I'll post info up as soon as I have it. You can contact me by then if you want to order Nendoroid Tsukasa and we can work out a deal for the figure. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

What Comptiq issue will have the preorder forms? Is it October?

Tokyo Hunter said...

Yes, it should be in the October issue.

Anonymous said...

i wonder the comptiq website will post the form for mail orders or not..or only print the form in the magazine. Anyway i also cannot find the official news about the nendoroid at comptiq website. Is it start preorder at this month? How about the normal version? When it will be release?

Tokyo Hunter said...

Info on the upcoming Comptiq exclusive Nendoroids will be out in this month's issue and the figs can only be ordered with the order form that comes with the issue. They don't ship outside of Japan. No info yet on the release dates for the regular version.

kyoushiro said...

whats that so brightly yellow mecha from?

Tokyo Hunter said...

Yellow mecha is from Muv-Luv.