Tuesday, August 05, 2008

TH Auctions - August 2008 part 1 preview

Preview of the items that I plan on listing up for auction on eBay starting either 7th or 8th August and run for 10 days. I'll be away on summer vacation from 8-17 August and may not have access to the Internet for at least three days, but I'll try my best to get to any emails regarding the auctions as quickly as possible.

Sorry to disappoint those who were expecting me to have a huge list of WF exclusives up for auction. I wasn't able to secure most of the stuff I wanted to get particularly Revoltech Gurren Lagann metallic version, Nendoroid Miku Hachune face version, and the Griffon Enterprises Ikki Tousen PVC figures. However, I was quite surprised that Hiromen's highly sought after and extremely limited (usually only 5 kits produced for each WF event) Urd & World of Elegance resin kit was still available when I dropped by to check out his table and had to pick one up.

I got the remaining non-WF exclusives from my previous trips to Akihabara in the past two weeks. Surprise finds were the Satsuriko no Jango Nitro+ limited edition figures that were only sold through Nitro+ online store.

Here's the list of goodies that'll be listed up for auction in the next couple days:

Alter Satsuriku no Jango 1/8 Donne Anonime PVC

Alter Satsuriku no Jango 1/8 Donne Anonime limited edition ver. & Franco Il Nero limited edition ver. PVC set

Eyeup Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 1/8 Kamina with Buuta advance sale limited PVC

Good Smile Company Chu x Chu Paradise Nendoroid Melissa Seraphy Maou ver.

Good Smile Company Shuraki 1/8 Char Rhousemann PVC

GSI Creos Pinky:st Exciting Summer Class set & Pinky Dress Up Seal set

Kadokawa Comics Neon Genesis Evangelion Rei & Asuka action figure special box set

Konami Beatmania II DX 1/8 Iroha Umegiri & Lilina Hinazuki PVC

Konami Beatmania II DX Figure Collection Vol.3 Nyah & Tsugaru PVC set

Kotobukiya Galaxy Angel 1/8 Milfeulle Sakuraba PVC

Kotobukiya MU -Kiseki no Daichi- 1/8 Muse Elf PVC

Kougeisya Hiromen Aa Megami-sama 1/8 Urd & World of Elegance resin kit

Max Factory Code Geass R2 figma.BP Suzaku Kururugi

MegaHouse Genesis Climber Mospeada Variable Action Black Mospeada

Solid Theater Fate/stay night 1/8 Saber Alter event limited ver. PVC

Check out my flickr gallery for more pics.

Interested buyers can also contact me for deals on above items before I list them up for auction.

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Rhye Mayer said...

Hi Tokyo Hunter! Just send you email about Donne + Nero Nitro Limited. Thanks!^^