Sunday, April 22, 2007


As you all may have noticed by now, I've not been updating my blog with lists of upcoming exclusive preorders and sightings for more than a month now. I've also stopped taking new orders since mid-March and had not been down to Tokyo for the past several weeks.

The main reason for this is because I'm slowly running out of cash and currently trying to lift my Paypal withdrawal limit. Most of my clients' Paypal payments are stuck in my Paypal account because Paypal only allows me to withdraw a maximum of 60,000 yen per month to my bank account. Clients' orders had reached way over 60,000 yen per month and I had been paying for clients' orders with my own money, including the 60,000 yen per month withdrawal from my Paypal account, for more than 5 months now and my bank account is slowly running out of cash because of this. Had I continued taking new orders, I'll probably be broke by next month! In order to lift the Paypal withdrawal limit, they require that I enroll in their Expanded Use Program by submitting my credit card numbers to my Paypal account. Although I do have my own credit card, they only accept one that has a Japanese billing address since I set Japan as my country during registration for transferring money from my Paypal account to my Japanese bank account. Japanese credit card companies and banks don't simply let any foreigners in Japan to sign up for their credit cards and have a strict requirement that the foreign applicant must be working in Japan for a minimum of 2 years for the same company in order to apply for a credit card. I still have a year to go before I can apply for one. Thankfully, a good friend of mine allowed me to use his Japanese credit card to enroll in Paypal's Expanded Use Program. I'm currently waiting for the Expanded Use numbers to appear in my friend's credit card statement, which should be sometime next week. Once I've entered the numbers to complete the enrollment, I should then be able to withdraw all my cash out and resume taking new orders again.

Thanks for your patience and your understanding in this matter. I'll post an announcement on my blog as soon as my Paypal problem is resolved.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joseph , Can't Wait for the problem to be solved :P , But really The 2 years thing about applying for a credit card is somewhat weird , Anyway best of luck . And don't forget to update

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the trouble, Joseph. Hope everything works out soon.