Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Haul pics - 30 January 2007

Yes, yet another shipment of D.Gray-man figures came in today along with the Itou Noiji Collection NEO trading figure box and the Demonbane PC racing game. All items ordered for clients and will be shipped out tomorrow. This latest D.Gray-man shipment is my fourth time ordering these figures through Shueisha's online store and also the third shipment for this month alone! The D.Grayman figures are by far the most requested items I've handled and the majority of the clients requesting for these figures are women!

Bandai Itou Noiji Collection NEO - 5,290 yen

Nitro+ Azatousu D Demonbane PC racing game - 1,500 yen

Shueisha D.Gray-man Allen Walker (5 pieces) & Lenalee Lee (1 piece) - 4,800 yen each

Click here for the picture gallery.


Nanami said...

Yay, can't wait to have my Allen :3
Well, Allen's a cute boy, no wonder you had all those orders from girls XD;

Tokyo Hunter said...

I've just shipped out your order today via EMS. You should receive it within a few days' time. Thanks a lot for your business!

Anonymous said...

Allen and Lanelee is no bootleg? I had them is bootleg sorry for I asked you that excuse to me. ^^;