Saturday, January 20, 2007

Akihabara sightings - 20 January 2007

Prices shown are store prices, mostly with 5% government sales tax included. All items are in mint condition unless stated otherwise. Interested buyers please contact me at as soon as possible so I can help you with obtaining these items on my next trip.

Havikoro Toy
Kaiyodo Vignette-chan set with sketch book and 5 telecards Comiket 71 Winter exclusive - 6,580 yen

Bandai Macross Joke Machine Hicomical Model VF-1S Super Valkyrie - opened but complete with no yellowing on C9 toy - C8.5 or better box with minor shelf wear - 8,400 yen
Fewture Mazinger AD-1901 Garada - 8,904 yen
Kaiyodo Bome Collection vol 5 Kirasaki Yui Limited Color version Replicant exclusive - 13,440 yen
Takara Guyferd big size vinyl figure - 8,379 yen
Takatoku Toys Macross 1/3000 scale SDF-01 - opened but complete with unapplied stickers and no yellowing on C9 toy - C7 box with shelf wear - 63,000 yen

Kotobukiya Shop
Bootleg Death Note replica note book - 1,890 yen
Toyz Secret V Headquarters for SOC Voltes V - 14,700 yen

Takatoku Toys Macross 1/55 scale VF-1J Maximilian Jenius - opened but complete C9 toy with C8.5 and above box with minor shelf wear - 21,000 yen

Interesting sightings:
Character Pocket Bike Kamen Rider's Cyclone, Shinji & Kaoru, Mirei-san, and upcoming eb Craft Koyori on display at Kotobukiya Shop.
Kaiyodo Fate/stay night mini bust collection, Vignette-chan, Bome Yamamoto Isoroku, Revoltech Griffon, and Revoltech GR-2 on display at Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby Tokyo.

Click here for the picture gallery of tons more pics of the items listed above.

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