Saturday, November 06, 2010

Mail client and server under maintenance

Mail client and server are down and unable to receive any emails at the moment. The service provider will fix the problem from 1-5am on 7 November. If you sent emails to me and have not received any response by 8 November, please resend your emails again. This post will be updated once the mail client and server are back up and running again. Thanks for your patience!

Update #1: Emails can't be sent to at the moment but will go through to Please send emails to

Update #2: Still having the same problems of not being able to receive emails sent to Most emails went through to fine but some customers reported their emails weren't able to get through. If you have not received a response within a day or two, email to Hope to get this mail issue fixed ASAP.

Update #3: is now fixed. There should not be any problems in receiving and sending emails now.

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