Saturday, June 26, 2010

FREEing Nendoroid Leina 2P color ver.

Item: Nendoroid Leina 2P color ver.
Height: 10cm
Series: Queen's Blade
Maker: FREEing
Retail price: 3,500 yen
Order period: 25 June - 24 July 2010
Release date: August 2010
Info: Hobby Channel exclusive. Limited to 1,500 pieces. Lottery sales only.

I will not be accepting preorders for this item because it is a lottery item. All order submissions for the item to Hobby Channel and Hobby Japan will be entered into a lottery and only 1,500 winners of the lottery will get to purchase the item. There's no guarantee that I will be able to get it. However, I can help track one down for you at the hobby shops in Akihabara upon release, but the shops here will most likely mark it up to at least triple the original price due to the limited quantity and difficulty in obtaining the item.

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rendoroid said...

one of my wishlist~ :)

pls lemme buy it~~~ :3