Monday, March 29, 2010

Weapons for Robot Damashii Turn A Gundam series

Item: Weapons Set for Robot Damashii Turn A Gundam series
Series: Turn A Gundam
Maker: Bandai
Retail price: 1,890 yen
Order period: 29 March - 17 May 2010
Release date: July 2010
Info: Tamashii Web Shouten exclusive.

Interested buyers can contact me before the order deadline for a price quote and place your pre-order through me. New buyers please state which country you're from when sending your first e-mail.


Isaiah said...

Hello, I'm interested in pre-ordering this. I'm also interested in the "Bandai Robot Damashii Gundam Astraea". There is other stuff that isn't in your pre-order list that I also want, but I'll give you info on that once you contact me back.

Thanks, Isaiah

Tokyo Hunter said...

Email me for details. My email can be found on the top right column of this blog.