Thursday, February 04, 2010

Wonder Festival 2010 Winter event exclusives

Here's a list of all the Wonder Festival 2010 Winter event exclusives I've posted on my blog thus far. It only covers a small portion of the items that will be sold at the event. The prices stated in this list are retail prices that the items will be sold at the event and does not include my commission. I'm no longer accepting orders for items that are listed as "Order Stop."

Headmaster Minerva color resin kit - 10,000 yen Order Stop

Variable Fighter Vic Viper resin kit - 7,000 yen Order Stop

WF Limited Pure Neemo Ritsu Tainaka - 16,000 yen Order Stop
Yui's Pajama Set - 3,000 yen

Anryu color resin kit - 12,000 yen
Samus Aran color resin kit - 12,000 yen Order Stop

Funny Bunny
1/12 Canti green ver. color resin kit - 14,000 yen Order Stop

1/7 Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~ PVC - 9,000 yen - June preorder only
Nendoroid K-On! Mio & Ritsu Live Stage Set - 8,000 yen - June preorder only
Nendoroid Snow Miku - 3,000 yen - June preorder only

figma Ui Hirasawa School Uniform ver. - 2,500 yen June preorder only

RAH Rohan Kishibe - 19,500 yen
VCD Cool Doraemon - 5,040 yen

1/8 Alleyne 2P Color ver. PVC - 7,000 yen Order Stop

Izanagi color resin kit - 8,000 yen Order Stop
Thanatos color resin kit - 9,000 yen Order Stop

Hinamatsuri Pinky - 3,000 yen


I will give any interested buyers who want to request for the above items (and any other items that will be sold at WF that are not posted on my blog) 24 hours after this post to email me and send payment before 11:59pm Japan time on 5 February. I will stop accepting any WF-related requests after that time. I will contact all customers who preorder WF exclusives on Sunday (7th February) evening or latest by Monday morning regarding the status of their orders.

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MIchael said...

I heard there's gonna be Figma Evangelion New Theatrical Ver. of
Auska, Rei, and Mari...
If you have any pics of them with good quality I would luv to see them...
and I heard they will be displayed in Won Fest 2010 this winter...
When are they going to be released??