Sunday, December 13, 2009

MegaHouse ACF LTD Ranka & Sheryl Stage Outfit

Item: Action Figure Collection Limited Ranka Lee Stage Outfit ver & Sheryl Nome Stage Outfit ver
Height: 27cm (Ranka) & 30cm (Sheryl)
Series: Macross Frontier
Maker: MegaHouse
Retail price: 19,425 yen each
Order deadline: 12 January 2010
Release date: May (Sheryl) & June (Ranka) 2010
Info: Hobby Japan magazine mail order exclusive. Those who order Ranka and Sheryl together as a set will receive the special carrot costume for Ranka.

Interested buyers can contact me before the order deadline to inquire about pricing and place your preorder through me.


DukeKnightCuan68 said...

I know it's past the deadline, but I'm seriously interested in getting the Ranka Lee Stage Outfit ver.

If not, are there any of the Ranka Lee Seifuku ver. still available?

Tokyo Hunter said...

Please email me upon release of the item and I'll try to find one for you at the hobby shops.

There is no seifuku version thus far.