Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tokyo Game Show 2009 - Square Enix Goods

Here we have look at some of the new product announcements at Square Enix's merchandise booth at Tokyo Game Show 2009. Pictured above are FFXIII summons Odin in horse mode and Shiva in motorcycle mode. I think Shiva might be able to split into two separate figures because I saw some joints on their arms and legs. Not sure about Odin though. Can't wait for these awesome figures! I might just have to get the FFXIII character figures to go with the summons.

Quite an interesting concept of having Odin transform into a horse when initiating Ride Mode in the game. Looks great as an action figure, too! Hope this one does transform like its video game counterpart.

Lightning is due out this December in conjunction with the release of the game.

Snow Villiers is among the first lineup due out this December.

Oerba Dia Vanille will be released in December as well.

Hope Estheim is in the second lineup.

Afro dude Sazh Katzroy is also part of the second lineup but no release date announced yet.

Play Arts Kai Bayonetta action figures. Price and release date TBA. I'm really liking the game from the trailers that I saw. Will have to play through the game first before I decide on getting the figures. They do look very nicely detailed.

The titular character herself.

Rival witch Jeanne.

This Chris Redfield figure totally blows Neca's version out of the water!

Play Arts Kai Sheva Alomar.

Announced at the show were Devil May Cry 4 Play Arts Kai action figures that are roughly 10" tall! Price and release date TBA.

Best Dante action figure thus far! Can't wait to get a hold of one!

Play Arts Kai Nero. I expect the price to be about the the same as the Resident Evil 5 Play Arts Kai action figures. 4,500 yen for a highly detailed and incredibly articulated action figure. That's pretty reasonable in my book. I'm getting Dante for sure but will wait to find Nero for cheap at the hobby flea market events in Tokyo or at the hobby shops in Akihabara.

Santa costume Sora in the Kingdom Hearts 2 Play Arts Vol 2 lineup.

King Mickey based on his appearance in Kingdom Hears 2. I skipped on getting the first one but this version I might get.

Play Arts Kai Zenith from Front Mission Evolved.

Square Enix began selling FFXIII goodies at TGS and also available through their online shop.

FFXIII l'Cie Zippo lighter and business card case. I was very tempted to get the latter but I don't have much use for it for the time being. Will decide later whether or not to get it after I've played the game in December.

It's not a drink, it's a Cloud Strife perfume! Now you can smell like your favorite video game character! I don't use perfume and find most perfume to be too strong of a smell. But this unisex perfume has a very soft and pleasant smell that I like and wouldn't mind using it if there's ever an occasion that would prompt me to use it. More suitable for men IMO.

I currently have a Cloud Strife perfume up for auction as of this post. Auction ends on October 3rd 7:02pm PDT. Good luck! ^^

Tokyo Game Show 2009 - Square Enix Goods gallery


Ciel said...

Thanks for the photos !
That was very surprising to see Bayonetta and Devil May Cry !
Dante is very cool, they did a good job.

It's a little strange to see the sould of Lightning stick that far...
Concerning Odin, it seems there is a line on the neck.. hm..

I hope they'll make Ninja Gaiden play arts, especially Ayane. :)

Tokyo Hunter said...

You're welcome! Hope they get to fix Lightning's shoulder joints before release. They need to do a better job at Snow's face too, particularly the facial hair. Doesn't look right at all. Ninja Gaiden Play Arts would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

nice photo, im from malaysia, i hope can buy it in Malaysia figure toy shop too >.< btw, play arts toys is cheaper than kotobukiya toy ?

Anonymous said...

it will be release at the beginning of the yr 2010 or end of yr 2010 ?