Sunday, June 07, 2009

Code Geass Model Works mail order exclusives

Hobby Japan's Code Geass Model Works mook, due out 30 June 2009, will come with an order form to order two mail order exclusives. One is MegaHouse's Action Figure Collection C.C. doll and the other is Bandai's Robot Damashii Galahad. I will post more info on these two items as soon as more details are available and I'll then begin accepting pre-orders for them.



Magna said...


Could you explain to me how does this mail order works? You can't get these figures just by getting the magazine?

Thank you.

Tokyo Hunter said...

The book will come with an order form for you to fill out and mail to Hobby Japan to place your order for the items. You have to be living in Japan to order the items as they only ship within Japan. I am providing the service of obtaining the exclusive items. Please contact me once the price and release date had been announced and I'll quote you my prices for the items. Thanks!

Yuri said...

these are very cool models ^^

Anonymous said...

What about the very impressive Lelouch (Emperor Clothes ver.) and Suzaku (Knight of Zero ver.) figurines by TOMO featured on the cover? Does the book say anything about if and when those figurines will be available for commercial release?

Tokyo Hunter said...

Both are scratch built models. No mention in the book about those two being made for commercial release.